1. The task was to create a personal tour of Moscow using a camera as a tool to record what was interesting or important to showcase. Twelve pictures illustrate my everyday trip to home. Each photograph consists of two images taken from the same place but showing opposite directions. It is possible to follow my way by looking first on left sides of each photograph and than go back to the beginning through scanning the right sides. It is a daily routine which appers to be a pleasant one since a need to make the same route over and over again gives a possibility to fully see the world, both sides of each street.

  2. Symmetry means order, balance and beautiful proportion. Decision to incorporate all these notionse in typeface had changed the letterforms completely. the typeface consists of all letters of Latin alphabet (uppercase and lowercase), all numbers and basic punctuation marks. All characters are constructed by balancining right and left sides which makes each character vertically symmetrical.

  3. This is a catalogue that includes all projects of Semester A. It consists of two formats: the big sheets showcase the final work while the smaller ones either show original layout or interim works. Each work is accompanied by its title and a brief description. Cover of the catalogue consists of too separate sheets with the name on them.

  4. ‘I’d love to think that if I were at college now, I’d pick up this [booklet] and it would inspire me to spend more of my [money] on books, and not quite so much on beer’.

                                                                                                                              — Tony Brook

    The task was to re-design a Spin/2 50 READING LISTS — BOOKLET. The outcome consists of three parts: a set of index cards, a library card catalogue and a box with engraved text. The work is based on the idea that in any reading list all books are important on their own. There are 549 cards with information about each book from the reading list and 50 dividers for the studios and designers who have provided their lists.

    Materials: paper, plywood, acrylic paint.

  5. This project is dedicated to cartoons as a display of violence. My intention was         to draw a parallel between the way  violence is exposed in animated cartoons         an real-life violence. For the final outcome I created my own version of one of the first animation devices called Phenakistoscope that used the persistence of vision principle to create an illusion of motion. This type of device gives a possibility         two showcase to stories at the same time. Pictures of Tom & Jerry are located           on the outer radius of the circle and draw the most attention to themselves by being colourful and larger in size than the small pictures of arguing couple in the center of circle of the device.